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Heat pump services

By maintaining a clean heat pump, you will find it runs more efficiently and is less likely to have faults or break down saving you extra costs down the line.

Our professionally trained service expert will come into your home and check over the indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit coils are then cleaned and disinfected with a protective coating, while we also check over pressures and temperatures. We then use our cleaning chemical to thoroughly clean the filters and flush out the drains.

Heat Pump Services from $100.00 inc G.S.T.

Heat pump handy hints

The following instructions are our recommendations; everyones house is different so adapt to suit yourself:

  • Leave heat pump running overnight
  • Do not restrict airflow by blocking the unit
  • Swing mode should not be used as it creates a draft
  • Check remote batteries when you check your smoke alarms
  • Clean filters at least once a month
  • Have Masterchill service your heat pump yearly for efficiency, power consumption & life longevity

Trusted Daikin Dealer

You can be assured you will be getting the very best system and service to suit you. For your peace of mind, we are a trusted Daikin dealer. We can also source all other models at a competitive price.

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